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shagen454 says...

I mean now that I think about it jotting it down and reliving the past a bit - it raises a big concern.

The things that you do in anonymity on the Internet actually do affect the lives and everything around you. You may have thought that you found this secret black hole but it's not true. It will still affect other's and people that you know. It's a metaphor for how life works and the Internet is just a construct of organic existence.

bareboards2 said:

You like a little cray-cray, don't you?


I'm impressed.

shagen454 says...

Well, I would actually say that I am very conservative when it comes to relationships and sex. Sure, I have done some bizarre things but that I am not into necessarily; but for experience points they were experiences that I brought onto myself somehow.

Am I cray cray? I would say that I think I am absolutely nuts compared to this society that is based in lies. I have found shit out by being a curious cat and I have only found it to be much crazier than my initial conservative inclinations. It's all a grand learning experience.

That said... NO ONE should ever drug someone into their fucking bed. That is apart of the Ten Commandments or something, right?

bareboards2 said:

You like a little cray-cray, don't you?


I'm impressed.

shagen454 says...

That time I should mention was from an Internet hookup. I mean, if you do that you might as well be aware of the "worst case scenerio". And it was not the worst case scenerio. I screened this girl, she was, cute, cool & obviously slightly psychotic. So, when I woke up totally butt-naked, we got breakfast and I was like WTF? And she was like, "You're never going to call me again are you".? And I said "Yes I will" and thought "No, I fucking won't!"

Two months later... I saw her walking down the street with my ex singer of my old band. I said "What is up John?" And looked at her with a sort of "SHHHH!!!" (we won't acknowledge eachother). Who knows if she (SHE!! LOL) told him.

bareboards2 said:

Wow. That is some SERIOUS harassment.

And yes. Having drugs slipped into a drink is DEFINITELY harassment.

I'm quite proud of your nonchalance over the gay man stuff. You are definitely secure in your sexuality. I have never understood why some men feel violent in response to being even mildly flirted with. As is pointed out many times, women have learned to say no without flipping out, what is these guy's problem.

You, my friend, do not have a problem. You are indeed a cool dude.

And I'm sorry you were chased on the street and drugged. That is shitty.

shagen454 says...

I do apologize about by pointing out that she was "totally pretty". She is extremely pretty and we have uh, have been more than "pals" in the past. I did not mean to suggest that she was "asking" for it if that is what you mean. I was just pointing out that yes, she makes my heart beat very fast and if I had not known her and was in that Safeway and had seen her, my heart would have raced for a second as I exited the building. It's just neuroscience.

It happens in San Francisco and one could say that their are many attractive men, women and transgender people in the city. Sexual harassment here is absolutely off the fucking charts. There is NEVER an excuse for it no matter what. I've even been sexually assaulted on occasion, but never anything off the charts - so I can just laugh it off.

** and people who sexually assault kids verbally should absolutely be "looked in to" I am sorry to hear that that happened to you. Probably, most kids are so frightened to report such a matter which is a shame. Kids ought to be taught about it and what to do - and that they will remain safe.

bareboards2 said:

By the way -- it isn't always women looking "totally pretty" who get assaulted.

At the time of my assault, I was wearing drooping MC Hammer pants and I was seriously chubby.

And when I was 14 and looked goofy as hell, a bunch of guys called out to my friend and me as we walked by "those legs look like they can fuck." I barely knew what the word meant, and they were cat calling two 14 year old girls?

Pretty has little to do with it.

siftbot says...

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eric3579 says...

Saw your comment in comment thread so though id chime in

How it works is if its promoted before it gets 10 votes it starts the 3 days from the point of time of the promote. If promoted after 10 votes then 3 days applies to original time of posting.

bareboards2 said:

A question I have had for awhile....

The Google vid is older than the Double Caste vid. I thought it would fall off the Top Vids when the google vid hit 3 days. Instead, it is still up two hours after it hit 3 days, while the Double Caste vid fell off.

Someone told me that it had to do with whether it was promoted or not, but when I asked in the past, someone -- either you or dag -- said no. Three days and out.

Doesn't really matter. I'm just curious. And I know you like examples!

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